The Russian Collection

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Catalogue Number
Title and description
494-02124 (PWYS-9)


Various. The Russian Collection, Vol. I. Russian guitar music from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Table of Contents

  1. Vasilii Sarenko,
    Etude No. 1
  2. Etude No. 2
  3.  Etude No. 3
  4. Vladimir Morkov
    Prelude in b minor
  5.  Prelude in d minor
  6.  Prelude in f# minor
  7. Marek Sokolovsky
  8. Nikolai Aleksandrov
  9. Aleksandr Nemerovsky
  10. Aleksandr Ivanov-Kramskoi
  11.  Prelude
  12. Ivan Kuznetsov
    Not a Single Path in the Field (Ne Odna vo Pole Dorozhenka). Russian Folk Song
  13. Mikhail Vyssotsky
    Theme and Variations on the folk song “What Have I Done to Upset You”
    (Chem Tebia Ia Ogorchila)
  14. Aleksandr Guriliov
    Matushka Golubushka—Romance. (Arranged by Sergei Syrtsov.)
  15. Semion Aksionov
    Air Russe. Variations on “The Cossack Rode Over the Danube” (Ekhal Kazak za Dunai)
  16. A. Ivanov-Kramskoi
    Variations on Russian folk song “At the Gate” (U Vorot, Vorot)
  17.  Lullaby
  18. Aleksandr Dargomyzhsky,
    The Youth and the Maiden (Yunoshu Gor’ko Rydaia)—Romance (Arr. V. Sarenko)
  19.  Melancholy Waltz (Arr. V. Sazonov)
  20. Aleksandr Grechaninov,
    Mazurka Op. 98 No. 13 (Arr. M. Ophee)
  21. Piotr Tchaikovsky,
    Mazurka, Op. 39 No. 11 (Arr. A. Ivanov-Kramskoi)
  22.  Sweet Dream, Op. 39 No. 21 (Arr. Piotr Agafoshin)
  23.  Autumn Song, Op. 37b, No. 10 (Arr. M. Ophee)
Edited, with historical notes by Matanya Ophee. 44 pp. Press Reviews.
494-02125 (PWYS-13)


Andrei Sychra, Four Concert Etudes. The Russian Collection, Vol. II. Originally published in St. Petersburg in 1817. Adapted for modern performance on the six-string guitar by Matanya Ophee. A full biography and a portrait of the composer are included. In c# minor, D Major, A Major and E Major. Includes a full facsimile of the original 19th century Russian edition for the 7-string guitar. 56 pp. Press Reviews. $19.95
494-02126 (PWYS-34)


Sergei Rudnev, (b. 1955) Russian Collection Vol. III. Russian Folk Songs.

Table of Contents

  • Dance Song, (Akh vy, seni moi, seni)
  • Since Yesterday’s Midnight, (Oi, so vechora s polunochi)
  • To the Road I Go Alone, (Vykhozhu odin ia na dorogu)
  • Grass On The Meadow, (Kak po luzhku travka)
  • The Wanderer’s Song, (Po dikim stepiam zabaikalia)
  • The Old Lime-Tree, (Lipa vekovaia)
  • Along The Paved Street, (Po ulitse mostovoi)
  • I will Sow Goosefoot, (Poseiu lebedu)
  • Play My Bagpipe, (Zaigrai, moia volynka)
  • The Snowball Tree, (Oi, da ty kalynushka)
  • Between Steep Banks, (Mezh krutikh berezhkov)
  • My Husband Made Me Stoke The Fire, (Zastavil menia muzh)
  • I Will Forget You When . . . , (ia togda tebia zabudu)
  • Circle Dance, (Khorovod)
  • The Little Homestead, (Khutorok)
  • Russian Rhapsody. (Russkaia rapsodia)
The different characteristics of the arrangements are closely connected with the internal content of a theme and its role in the ritual life of the Russian folk. This publication will become an important link in preserving the traditions of the Russian national culture and realize its deserved station in the guitar’s concert repertoire. Winner of the first prize at the 1995 Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence, given by the Music Publishers’ Association of America. 56 pp. Press Reviews.
494-02127 (PWYS-23)


Various. Russian Collection Vol. IV. Music by St. Petersburg Composers. Russian guitar music written by some of the most important Russian composers of the past and present.

Table of Contents 

  1. Antoine de l’Hoyer/Andrei Sychra
    Variations du Concertante de Loyer
  2. Andrei Sychra (1773-1850)
    Variations on the Song: Amidst The Flat Valley (Sredi Doliny Rovnia)
  3. Vasilii Svarog/Arsenii Popov
    Ah, Today is Bad Weather (Akh, Sevodnia dien nienastny)
  4. Dargomyzhsky/Isakov
    Fever (Likhoradushka)
  5. Vasilii Sarenko (1814-1881)
    Fantaisie sur la Romance Favourite Bivalo, Bivalo (It Was, It Was,) du Comte M. Wielhorsky
  6. Tchaikowsky/Isakov
    Valse Sentimentale, Op. 51 Nº 3
  7. A.P.....a.
    Etude on the Romance The Lark (Zharovonok.) by M.I. Glinka
  8. Boris Asaf’ev (1884-1949)
    Prelude et Valse
  9. Vasilii Yashnev (1879-1962)
    Variations on an aria from the opera In the Tempest by Tikohn Khrennikov
  10. Dunaievsky/ Yashnev
    Oh, The Snow-Ball Tree Blooms (Oi, Tsvetiot Kalina)
  11. Andrei Petrov (b. 1930)
    An Old Melody
  12. Grigory Korchmar (b. 1947)
    St. Petersburg’s White Nights Serenades.
  13. Vladislav Uspensky (b. 1937)
    Rhapsody on Jewish Themes
  14. Sergei Slonimski (b. 1932)
  15. Romuald Grinblat (b. 1930)
56 pp. Press Reviews.
494-02128 (PWYS-16)


Various. The Russian Collection, Vol V. Guitar music by Soviet Composers.

Table of Contents

  1. Alexsander Ivanov-Kramskoi
    Melancholy Valse
  2. Igor Boldyrev
    Long Drawn-Out Song (Protiazhnaia)
  3.  Two Musical Moments
  4.  Sonata
  5.  Monologue
  6.  Scherzo
  7. Sofia Gubaidulina
  8. Igor Boldyrev,
    Old Romance
  9. Piotr Panin
    Exotic Picture
  10. Nikita Koshkin
    The Elves, Suite for guitar Op. 26
  11.  Usher Waltz Op. 29
  12. Anatolii Shevchenko
    Wind from the Mountain Meadow—Carpathian Rhapsody
  13. Vladimir Slavsky
    Canzona in Memory of Piotr Agafoshin
  14. Jan Freidlin
    Strophes of Sappho—Five Postludes for Guitar. (Also available separately. See PWYS-33.)
  15. Piotr Panin
  16. Vladimir Slavsky
    Variations on “Slender Ash Tree”
  17. Jonas Tamulionis
    Eleven Preludes
Introduction by Matanya Ophee. 76 pp. Press Reviews.
494-02129 (PWYS-35)


Boris Asafiev (1884-1949)The Russian Collection Vol. VI. Music for Guitar Solo. 12 Preludes, 2 Etudes, Six Romances, Theme with Variations and Finale after Tchaikovsky, Prelude et Valse. Boris Asafiev was one of the most outstanding Russian musicians of the first half of the twentieth century. He was introduced to the guitar by Andrés Segovia during the latter’s 1926 tour of the Soviet Union. The Second World War and Asafiev’s death in 1949 effectively prevented this music from reaching Segovia, and the music was to be buried in archival storage. The present first edition, appearing fifty-five years after its composition, finally brings this music in front of the public. 36 pp. Press Reviews. $14.95
494-02201 (PWYS-42)

Cover of Russian Collection Vol. VII.


Various. The Russian Collection, Vol VII. Guitar music by Moscow Composers.

 Table of Contents

  1. Alexander Varlamov (1801-1848) (arr. Mikhail Vyssotsky)
    The Red Sarafan (Krasny Sarafan) (First known edition of this historic arrangement.)
  2. Mikhail Vyssotsky (1791-1837)
    Fantasia on Themes from the Etudes of J. B. Cramer
  3.  Fantasia, dedicated to guitar lovers.
  4. Semion Aksionov (1784-1853)
    Kamarinskaia Variations
  5. Mikhail Vyssotsky
    In the Garden (Vo sadu li v ogorode)
  6. Fiodor Zimmerman (1813-1882)
    Etude-Fantasia Dedicated to Vasilli Sarenko
  7. Nikolai Alexandrov (1818-1884)
    Etude (Tremolo study)
  8. Vladimir Morkov (1801-1864)
    Two Etudes
  9. Mikhail Vyssotsky
  10. Vladimir Morkov
    Adagio on a theme by Sychra
  11. Fiodor Zimmerman
  12. Alexander Vetrov (?-1887)
    Valse Lente
  13. Nikolai Alexandrov
  14. Matvei Pavlov-Azancheev (1883-1963)
    Procession of the Zulus (Shestvie zulusov) In G open tuning.
  15. Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoi (1912-1973)
    Variations on “Slender Ash Tree” (Tonkaia riabina)
  16.  I Sit Upon A Rock (Ia na kamushke sizhu)
  17.  Improvisation
  18.  I Lost A Ring (Poteriala ia kolechko)
  19. Vissarion Shebalin (1902-1963)
    In A reflective Mood (Razdumie)
  20. Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoi
    Sad Mood (Grustnoe nastroenie)
  21. Sergei Orekhov (b. 1935)
    Moscow Night variations
  22. Gherman Dzhaparidze (b. 1939)
    Two Visions in White in a Cold Winter Morning
  23. Igor Rekhin (b. 1940)
    In Memory of Villa-Lobos (Suite in five movements, 1979) (Edited by Nikolai Komoliatov)
  24. Nina Aristova
    Prelude and Fugue (edited by Vladimir Aristov)
  25.  Russian Folk Song Do Not Rustle, Green Grove (Ne shumi, mati zelionaia dubrovushka) (Edited by Vladimir Aristov)
  26. Anatoliy Olshanskiy (b. 1956)
    Fantasia on the Old Russian Romance “Coachman, Do Not Rush Your Horses”
    (Iamshchik, ne goni loshadei)
  27. Anatoly Shevchenko (b. 1938)
    Moscow Bells Tolling (Moskovskie zvony) Basso Ostinato on the theme MOCKBA (MOSKVA in the cyrillic alphabet). For the 850th anniversary of the city of Moscow.
  28. Valery Kikta (b. 1941)
    Sonata (1983)
80 pp. Unless otherwise indicated, edited and/or revised by Matanya Ophee.



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