The Editions Orphée 2010 Composition Competition.

The competition would be based on this theme:


For background on this tune, press here.

Composers who wish to take part, are asked to take this tune and turn it into a major composition of the solo guitar, in either standard tuning, or in tuning for the Russian seven-string guitar. Composers will be free to indulge in whatever fancy the tune inspires them to, in the form of a fantasia, theme and variations, impromptu, passacaglia, whatever. Change the key or anything else your compositional genius will bring fourth. The main point to bear in mind is that the final product should be easily recognized as a product of this tune. About 5-6- minutes in time will be about right, but longer compositions will also be allowed.

The competition aims to protect the identity of the participants, while ensuring absolute anonymity that will be strictly maintained until the competition was over and a winner announced. For this purpose, we have appointed a Trustee who will see to it that none of the judges will have any idea who the participants are. Our Trustee is:

Sean Ferguson
Assistant Librarian
The Ohio State University Music/Dance Library
166 Sullivant Hall
1813 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43210

The judges are:

Bob Ashley,
Matanya Ophee,
Joanne Castellani,
Michael Andriaccio,
Arved Ashby,
Stanley Yates.


  1. All submissions should reach the Trustee on or before June 15, 2010.

  2. Under no circumstances should submissions be sent to Editions Orphée directly. Any such submissions will be automatically rejected.

  3. The submission should consist of a paper printed score generated by a computerized music typesetting system, and a CD containing an audio rendition of the composition. NO VIDEOS! The audio may be of a live performance, or a computer generated audio file. Hand-written manuscripts will not be accepted. The paper printed score and the CD must not contain any marks or indications that might identify the composer or his country of origin.

  4. The submitted composition must conform to the Editions Orphée house style of notation. Because we do not have a published style sheet, I would strongly advise you to first acquaint yourself with some of our editions which are similar to what you wish to propose, and the way they are notated.

  5. The composer should mark his printed score and CD with a pseudonym.

  6. Please DO NOT assign a title to your submission. Once we have a winner, the title of the winning submission would then be advertised.

  7. Any dissemination of a submitted work to any person other than our Trustee, will instantly disqualify the participation of the composer. Such dissemination will include on-line postings and shared files or copies among individuals.

  8. The participant in this competition warrants that his/her submission was not published already anywhere, and that it is not under contract to be published by other entities.

  9. The winner of the first prize will be awarded a publishing contract with Editions Orphée, under the standard terms we offer composers. For a general idea what these terms are, see here. If these terms are not acceptable to you, please do not participate in this competition.

  10. By participating in this competition, the first prize winner agrees to supply Editions Orphée with the computer files used to generate the submission.

  11. Should the winner decline to execute our publishing contract, the prize will go to the next ranking in the composition, or, at the discretion of Editions Orphée, no prize will be awarded.

  12. The judges reserve the right to decline awarding a first prize to any one. You are not only competing against the other participants, but it is expected that your work will be on the highest level of inspiration and excellence as recognized in the world of guitar music today.

  13. There will not be any monetary prize, but the winner will be given an advance on future royalties in the sum of $1500.- (one thousand and five hundred US dollars).

  14. If the composer is a resident of the US, he must belong to ASCAP. We cannot publish music by BMI composers. Non-US composers must belong to a Performance Rights Society that is affiliated with ASCAP.

On or about June 15, 2010, the Trustee will make copies of all material received by him and forward them to the judges, making sure that no identification of the composer is included in the copies. The Trustee will maintain a concordance list of pseudonyms and composers names, and will keep this list secret, until the competition ended.

The judges will be asked to complete their study of the submission by September 1st. 2010, and forward their rankings of each to the Trustee. The Trustee will tally the results and forward them to Editions Orphée. We will announce the results on September 15, 2010.

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