The Editions Orphée 2010 Composition Competition.

The competition was based on this theme:


For background on this tune, press here.

Four composers have honored us by submitting their compositions to be judged. The competition was administered by our trustee, Mr. Sean Ferguson, who is Assistant Librarian, Metadata/Technical Services, Editor-in-Chief, Répertoire International  d'Iconographie Musicale (RIdIM) database at the The Ohio State University Music/Dance Library. He is also the President of the Columbus Guitar Society and a fine guitarist in his own right.

The judges were:

Bob Ashley,
Matanya Ophee,
Joanne Castellani,
Michael Andriaccio,
Arved Ashby,
Stanley Yates.

The competition was organized in such a manner that none of the judges had any idea who were the composers whose work we judged. Absolute and complete anonymity was assured at every step of the way. The composers who submitted their work were (in alphabetical order):

Carlos Barrientos (Competition pseudonym - xyz1234)
John R. Hedger (Competition pseudonym - Nick Danger)
Cristiano Porqueddu (Competition pseudonym - Isla Bonita)
Thomas Schuttenhelm (Competition pseudonym - 0708)


The ranking of the judges, almost unanimous, resulted in this:

First place - Cristiano Porqueddu

Second place - Thomas Schuttenhelm

Third place - John R. Hedger

Fourth place - Carlos Barrientos.

Our congratulations to Cristiano Porqueddu for winning this competition. His work, titled "il Silenzio del Pendolo," will now enter the Editions Orphée production schedule, and will be published as soon as it is physically possible.


Our deep gratitude to the judges who freely gave their time and wisdom to this competition, and particularly, to our trustee who conducted the competition in a most discreet and professional manner.


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